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Leadership Development

Coach Shannon Miller’s leadership experience as a police officer, world class coach and business woman provides her with a platform  to develop leaders of all ages, from all backgrounds and at all stages of development. Coach Miller is an experienced, proven and successful leader at the local, national and international stage. Shannon has led her teams to podiums . In doing so, she also developed her staff and players along side her, many now holding leadership roles around the world. Sport is the ideal arena to develop leaders. With the skill and intuition that is honed, these skills transfer to the boardroom, classroom, and daily life.

Motivational Speaking

Coach Shannon Miller is dynamic, creative and entertaining. Miller’s emotional intelligence and her gift to perform allow Shannon to garner standing ovations at the conclusion of her motivational speeches. Coach Miller thrives on stimulating human potential, engaging the soul, and inspiring many to become the best they can be. Shannon utilizes a powerful and authentic delivery to inspire, teach and empower her audience. Experience her dynamic delivery for your organization today!

Clinics, Camps & Consulting

Coach Shannon Miller’s approach to hockey is fresh, cutting edge, creative and successful. Having owned and operated numerous hockey camps, taught at many local, national and international coaching clinics and continues to be a mentor to many coaches around the world. As an Olympian, World Champion  and NCAA Champion, Coach Miller can deliver cutting edge, world-class camps, clinics and consultation. Strong professional relationships with national team athletes from many countries allows her to engage talent to help athletes and coaches grow in the game.  

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Drill of the Week

Keep-away in the Neutral Zone
Figure 8, Quick Release
Constant Motion in Offensive Zone

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Wally Kozak

I have worked with Shannon Miller for a number of years. My first opportunity was working with Hockey Alberta to oversee her High Performance coach evaluation. She was an outstanding coach who demonstrated a passion growing as a person and a coach. Her willingness to learn is exemplified by the number of expert people she communicates with to further her knowledge and take the game of hockey to another level. Her success speaks to her knowledge and ability to coach. Shannon is a consummate “coach”. She is dedicated at what she does and I am thankful for the opportunity for having worked with her and look forward to extending our relationship in continuing to contribute to the growth of the game. Life long learning is the most important aspect of anyone’s personal development and I encourage everyone to take advantage of Shannon’s experience and willingness to share her knowledge.

 -Wally Kozak

 Olympic Gold  Medal Coach for Team Canada.  International Mentor  P3 Sports coach 

Gina Kingsbury

Shannon is a strong, successful leader with a clear vision for growth. She is not only passionate about the game but also helping others reach their full potential on and off the ice. She communicates better than anyone I’ve worked with and is an example of what drive and direction looks like. Shannon is one of a kind and I feel privileged that I’ve had the opportunity to work with her in my short-time at Minnesota Duluth. Her experience, knowledge, passion and communicational skills makes her an ideal mentor and teacher.

-Gina Kingsbury

Director of Women’s Teams, Hockey Canada

Zoe Hickel

My four years playing for Coach Miller weren’t only my most formidable on the ice but the most inspiring as a young woman. Coach Miller is fun to play for, exceptionally knowledgeable technically, and a great motivator. Coach Miller leads with enthusiasm, has high expectations, and gets the best out of everyone. As the most successful NCAA coach in the history of hockey, Coach Miller continually raised the bar, recruited athletes from around the world, and produced 28 Olympians and even more National Team Members – including helping myself reach my goal of playing for Team USA and winning two World Championships. Coach Miller is a world-class coach, a proven leader and great motivational speaker. I’m proud to be one of her players.

-Zoe Hickel

                                                                                                                                                                      World Champion , Team USA                                                                                                                                            Professional hockey player, Calgary Inferno 

Maria Rooth

Shannon has both been my head coach at University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) between 1999-2003, and my boss and co-worker in 2010-2011, when I was the assistant coach at UMD. Shannon is by far the best coach I have ever had, but also a superior mentor. Shannon taught me what excellence means in all aspects of life, inspiring me to become the best version of myself. She taught me how to plan, prepare, focus, and work hard for the task at hand, to leave nothing to chance. Her dedication and passion for her job is second to none! Her attitude rubs off on all the people around her, making everyone so much more successful. Winning 5 national championships with players from many different nationalities, speaks volumes of her leadership. She is the kind of leader that you put your trust in, someone that will always stick up for you no matter what. She is also a motivator, performing exceptional speeches that make you feel energized and inspired to do great things. I would strongly recommend Shannon as a business partner, coach, or inspirational speaker any day of the week.

-Maria Rooth

3 x NCAA Champion 5-Time Olympian, Team Sweden 

Ira "Mimmu" Salmela

Shannon Miller has been an amazing trailblazer in hockey. She was the first woman in the world to head coach an Olympic hockey team, went on to win five Division I NCAA Championships and was honored at the White House by the President of the United States five times. I have coached with Shannon, run hockey camps with her and have heard her speak at many different community and corporate events. Shannon has very high expectations for herself, her staffand her players which is a key reason why she has had so much success as a coach. One thing Shannon is well known for is consistently bringing out the best in others, keeping it fun and winning. I highly recommend Shannon Miller as a coach, leader, mentor and speaker.

-Ira “Mimmu” Salmela

International  Recruiter NCAA Champion  

Tuula Puputti

Coach Miller is the coach and the leader everyone should have a chance to meet and work with! She has a great drive for excellence and she works very hard in finding ways for groups to reach goals together as a team. She has great presence and spirit and is second to none in putting the goal into words, motivating the people around her to reach their dreams.

-Tuula Puputti

GM and Development Director, Women’s Hockey

Finnish Ice Hockey Federation


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